Living a Healthier Life: Replenish the Environment

Rainforests getting cut down isn’t anything new. As a matter of fact, it seems like they’ve been cutting down rainforest trees for as long as I can remember. The thing that many people tend to forget is that we breathe oxygen, and do you know how oxygen is made? Well, through the use of plants and trees – they take our CO2 in and spit out oxygen. It’s a relationship of sorts, we give them something and then they give us something else in return; something that we need in order to live. Although trees are literally keeping us alive, we still manage to destroy them at any given chance. The environment that we currently live in is scary to think about, because there is seemingly more and more concrete; with less and less greenery to be seen. Plants and trees are in abundance in many places on the planet, but at this rate, it’s only a matter of time before we completely obliterate our oxygen supply.

I’m not a doomsday person by any means, and I don’t believe that we’re going to live to see the end of the world. The world has been around for millions (if not billions) of years, and it has been able to defeat just about everything the universe could throw at it. Although there have been a few moments where we were less than stellar as a race, human beings are doing quite well. Our environment is what makes us though, so it’s still shocking to see trees being treated in such a poor manner.

How Can I Help?

Those that take the time out of their lives to plants trees don’t know how much they mean to the planet. Realistically, they could very well be planting trees for future generations to cut down and use for other things, but there are some alternatives coming out of the woodworks. It seems like another one of those “the industry is booming, so let’s keep it going” situations. We have electric cars that are somewhat affordable, yet we have tons of gas cars on the road – the gas and car companies don’t want you to make that transition.

You can only do what your life entails, as one person is only as powerful as the opinion they have. When you have a bunch of people coming together and trying to help better the planet (by creating a much strong environment), it’s almost like there’s still hope for the future. We aren’t just all about throwing garbage in the ocean anymore, because we realize it’s terrible for not only human health, but the health of just about every living being on this planet.

Do the little things like recycling and trying to make sure that you have a vivid garden – plant trees and teach kids about the benefits of composting. Do the little things and help improve the environment one step at a time!

Why Do I Get Sick in a New City?

Adapting to the environment that you have just moved to is going to take some time, and that’s the truth. There isn’t much you can do other than wait, but of course, there are some other tips that some people use when they get that “new city sickness”. There are a lot of large cities in the world, and some of them are going to have high levels of pollution; if you’ve never been in a massive city for yourself, you aren’t going to be used to it. Getting used to it will happen at some point in time, but for now, you’re going to be dealing with some sudden symptoms.

A lot of the time, people will note that their sinuses become congested and they get a dry throat. This could be from dealing with the new climate, as seasonal changes can sometimes make people suffer from allergic-like reactions. Moving from open space in the country and into the city can be rough, especially if you’ve never ventured there before – a lot of people think it’s like the movies, but your body will need time to adapt to the environment. In some cases, you could get super sick because your immune system isn’t used to dealing with all of the bacteria that your new environment has to offer!

We need to take care of ourselves as much as we can, because we’ve only got one life to live. Living it to the fullest is ideal in most cases, which is going to call for optimal health. If you want to live a very healthy life, you’ll have to consider stuff like new city sickness. It’s a small rough patch in your life, but it’s one that is going to make you stronger as a result!

What Can I Do?

Taking Vitamin C pills and preparing your body for fighting off infections will be an ideal place to start, but that isn’t the only thing you can do. In Japan, they go as far as wearing masks to keep themselves from getting sick (as well as keeping others from getting sick if they’re dealing with something); although you probably won’t need to do that in your case. Instead, just keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer on you at all times and use it when it’s called upon. Just met some new people on the street? That’s cool and all, but how about you rub your hands together like a maniac with some anti-bacterial gel slathered in between.


You can also do your best to keep things clean at your own house, as living in filth is never a good idea (it doesn’t really apply to your city environment, but the personal space that you have is somewhat of an environment as well). We need to take care of the planet, but it’s hard; cities have a lot of people living in them at all times. That means a lot of waste!

The Environment and Our Health: What Makes Them Connected?

You see a lot of people preaching that we need to take care of the planet, and there are various reasons for that. Some would argue that we aren’t actually doing that much damage to the planet, but the environment that we’re living in right now is much different than the one we saw even 20 years ago. Ig things continue at this rate, there’s no telling where the environment is going to go next – which is scary, as the environment is connected quite tightly to our health itself. If you don’t live in a healthy environment, it’s going to affect your day to day life.

When you make the connection between the environment and your health, things become a bit more apparent. You understand that the place you live is going to have a say in how healthy you can be, and that’s just a fact. If you live in an area that is completely covered in smog for the majority of the day, you’re going to have some respiratory problems. That’s only skimming the surface of these issues, so it’s crucial to point problems like this out. If this article wasn’t written, who knows how many people would be living blindly; feeling like wherever they live, their environment has nothing to do with their personal health.

Know Your City!

When you know your city, you’re going to realize that there are specific problem areas. Some parts of the city are going to have more smog, so living their may not be ideal. Other parts are going to be full of trees and open space, which is going to be considered “the country”; that’s where a lot of people prefer to make their beds. At the end of the day, you have to live somewhere, so understanding what the environment is like will be a big positive – you’ll be able to plan out your moving plans properly. There are cities in China that have smog so bad, that residents are having children with respiratory issues from birth; it’s a serious thing that needs to be addressed.

While you may not live in the smogiest town China has to offer, it’s still worth checking out your local pollution levels. It’s something that many people never even think about doing, but it’s still an important task to be handled; thankfully, there are people like me to remind you of it.

There are lots of places in the world that would be considered a bad environment (when it comes to maintaining optimal health), and there are many regions that would be considered amazing in that regard. You won’t move to New York if you’re worried about getting sick from all of the pollution in massive cities, that’s for sure.

With everything that we’ve talked about in this piece, there are still many other traits of the environment to be considered. It isn’t all about smog, as there are tons of other problems to bring up – those are for another time, though.