About Us

ANET is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote best-practice in road ecology and the design of environmentally-sensitive linear infrastructure. We provide a centralised location for the latest evidence on the design, construction and evaluation of environmentally sensitive roads and linear infrastructure.

Improving the flow of high-quality information among stakeholders (e.g. planners, engineers, regulators, researchers, community groups etc) will have positive outcomes for:

The public
Environmentally sensitive roads will reduce the number of wildlife-vehicle collisions, increasing motorist safety and reducing costs for insurance claims and vehicle repair.

The environment
Environmentally sensitive roads will better conserve biodiversity by effectively minimising the negative environmental impacts (e.g. reducing the rate of road kill, allowing wildlife to move throughout the landscape)

The bottom-line
Saving money by ensuring the most efficient and effective methods are considered and implemented early in the planning process, and ensuring unsuccessful measures are not repeated, environmentally-sensitive roads will be cost-effective.